I think one of the toughest moments every parent faces – is the realization – that it never  ends!  There is no real stop.  No escape.  No return policy.  Especially in the early years, when there’s never any sleep and all the days and nights meld together into one long gray period of life.  You’re very aware – you can’t go back!  And there’s no pause button.  Those rare moments to breath come later… sometimes much later…

And invariably, in those rare moments, you realize how many other things you haven’t been able to address.  This poem is so “on the nose”, it almost hurts.  I DO remember standing there… taking that deep breath… savoring the calm, and then looking down at those toothpaste stains – EVERYWHERE!!  Of course, there were also dirty socks, underwear, etc. littered across the bathroom floor.  So I stared for a moment… stewing… thought about picking up, doing laundry, dealing with work emails, etc. etc. etc.  etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

Then took a a dream breath… aaaand… just shut off the light, and tiptoed down the hall.  I’m pretty sure I just went to bed.  (probably by 9!)  Yup, those toothpaste stains will always be there.

Let ’em wait another day, or two.