Ahh… and here’s the stoic author at his Oregon dune retreat.  Very classy.  Almost like a windswept, epic Gandolf from Lord of the Rings… except in an ugly Xmas sweater… Well… not even close.

Beyond my ugly Michigan sweater, I really appreciated the mugs at the house we rented up in Oregon.  “Not right Meow!”  C’mon… you can’t write this stuff!  Well, actually I’m hoping I can!  The book is really coming together.  We’ve picked out all the kids art.  I think it’s in pretty good shape for May 7th release!  But now the holidays are upon us… and I’m waaaaaaay behind.

So what’s next?  Well, beyond the candy canes stuck to the floor, the frantic on-line gift buying, and the grumpy, over-tired kids… I’m starting on the next book.  I think it’s gonna be called “Stop and Smell the Tinkle + Other Poems Pets Love”.  Yup, I’m looking forward to using my kids art again and writing about the family trials and tribulations with pets.  I’ve already got a stack of great pictures, and a number of ideas.  I guess we’ll see what happens…

In the meantime, I’m sharing the STARK RAVING DAD link again…  (and will continue to do so!) for all 2 readers of this blog.  Hi Mom!!