Many, many moons ago… I decided I was going to work from home and become THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD!  I was gonna be compassionate, caring, stern when necessary – the kind of perfect dad you see in the movies.  You know… the one who has that amazing story to tell, and it serves as a metaphor for an incredible life lesson.  That selfless dad who somehow always has time, and knows the right words to say… calm in the face of chaos… etc. etc. etc.  Blah, blah, blah.

I’ve given up on that.

I guess it was a pipe dream.

I’d actually settle for suitable, or  – not completely damaging my children’s mental well-being.  You never actually see the “movie dad” stare at an unflushed toilet for the 17th bajillion time!   Or pick a kid up out of a carseat only to realize the diaper has leaked everywhere, now including your hands!  Or have your kid yell at you for not knowing how to do their math problem, even though they’ve only given you 3 seconds to look at it – and you don’t have your glasses! (yes, this is last night… and i think it was only 2 seconds)  How do you not get exasperated when you’re kids actually mad at you because your eyesight isn’t what it used to be.  Sigh.

Anyway… here’s a rough cover of the book – which we still haven’t figured out.  I’m pretty sure this isn’t gonna fly because the picture of dad looks pretty mean and scary.  Sadly, I think that may have been me last night – when my kid got angry with me for not understanding that math problem.

Nope.  I’m probably not gonna win the award for “Best Dad in the World”.  But I’m also pretty sure I’m not gonna play in the NBA.  Whatchagonnado?  No dad is perfect… except in the movies.