This is the post I was planning to post in the beginning of NOVEMBER!  Needless to say that didn’t happen… because of course, the holidays “happened”.  And it’s just now, that I’m finally looking back to realize I never quite finished my post.  So without further ado – my homage to our new garbage disposal…

Today, I’m excited.  No, I’m THRILLED! to be getting a new garbage disposal!  That’s right – a garbage disposal!!  You never realize how important something is until it’s not working.  And in our household a garbage disposal is king!  I couldn’t believe how much the dishes backed up, once we couldn’t start using the sink.  Basically, a backed-up disposal means the sink is filled – which means its overflows into the dishwasher  -which means no one’s doing dishes.  Which I kinda new, but never really realized how catastrophic it could be.  Yeah… it’s been a major mess.

In this painfully messy process, I also suddenly realized how much my priorities have changed.  I mean seriously,  my thrill for the day is having a new garbage disposal.  A garbage disposal!!  It’s not like a landed a new job, or ran a marathon, or even delivered an awesome power-point presentation… but I now have kids, and a house, and a mortgage, and suddenly… things like a garbage disposal mean a lot to me.

I can’t say I ever imagined this.  When you dream of making it in the world – you don’t think of making sure your son successfully completes his homework, or just being able to sit down and drink a beer on the couch while watching the news.  But life changes.  And with a kid, it changes A LOT.  More than one kid… and you have exponential change.

So here I am, writing about my garbage disposal… with a great, big smile.  I’ll be flat honest with you.  It doesn’t bother me that my garbage disposal is suddenly one my great joys.  I’m happy my boys can once again load the dishwasher (one of their new chores!) and we can go about our business of being a family with a workable kitchen.  I’ve got a whole different view of the world now.  These are just the choices we make.  And I’m really proud to be able to flick that little button, and hear that comforting sound – grinding up vegetable bits, egg shells, leftover cocoa puffs, and other wet, gooey, yet still slightly crunchy things!

Yes, life has changed.  And I’m happier for it.  Yup, me and my new pal – Mr. Garbage Disposal.  Plus, after spending time up in the attic (for the holidays) I’m pretty sure we’ll be adding a new friend to our mix… Mr. Furnace.

So, just roll with the changes Dad… roll with it all.