And so another Thanksgiving has come and gone… We got to meet up with our cousins again, this time on the Oregon Coast. It was wet.  It was rainy.  It was wonderful.  We had a huge fireplace.

Sadly, this pic with the kids was taken a few years back – and I realized how fast they’re growing up.  It still makes me laugh… check out those smiles!  Unfortunately, you realize how fast time goes by.  It seems like just yesterday I was wiping runny noses all through the Thanksgiving break.  And picking up stuffing out of the carpet.  But now, my kids are doing most of that stuff on their own(picking up their own spilled stuffing)! Of course, we got to watch all our cousins with their runny noses and spilled stuffing.  Not to mention the sand from the beach, tracked into the house… across the couch… up the stairs…into beds… and pretty much everywhere.

I’m kinda rambling here.  But this week really made me realize how important it is to savor all those little moments.  Like a gritted-teeth smile at the Air & Space museum… years ago.

**On a book update note:  The book is basically complete.  Just the final “fine-tuning”.  It comes out May 7th – just in time for Father’s Day.  I’m currently trying to bolster up my social media presence – which frankly – is pretty sad.  But hopefully, if anybody reads this… anybody?… they’ll check out Facebook or Instagram  @strkravingdad.   And don’t forgot your father for Father’s Day.

oh – link to pre-order the book here:


The Stark Raving Dad trailer is coming out soon!  Shot, edited, and produced by my own kids.  With guest appearances from our cousins!