Sending your kid to school in tears is one of the worst.  It totally leaves a hole in  your heart.  And for me, I’m feeling like the worst Dad ever.  Of course, it didn’t help that my son actually called me the “worst Dad ever”… Having your kid push you away, muttering THAT, with a sharp glare – really has a sting to it.

The problem is this tutoring session he’s got tonight… he’s a little behind in reading.  So we’re trying to HELP.  But last night, unfortunately, he also had soccer practice and guitar lessons… so… no time to play.  And tonight, we have this.  Is all of it too much?  Probably.  He loves soccer.  I want him to play guitar.  Maybe we’re pushing to hard.  We’re constantly in the mode of rushing to different places now… and everyone says kids have to be kids.  Especially old people.  I guess old people are supposed to know stuff.  But the soccer, and guitar, and tutoring all seam like reasonable things.  And I’m pretty sure their kids did all this too.  Right??  Frankly, all this is pushing me towards old person status fast.  And I think, when I’m old, I’ll probably say the same thing… cuz that’s when i’ll realize all that running around didn’t matter.  BUT right now – it seems to matter.  I think.  Maybe.  I dunno.  But it feels wrong not to these things… sigh.

Now, you may be wondering – did he actually plan this? cuz he’s got this crying kid picture.  Nope!!  Just happened to have this pic amongst all my kids’ pictures.  Sadly, there are a number of crying kids in my little folder of kid drawings.  Maybe I really am THE WORST DAD EVER…  In this case, i believe the pic is my son lamenting bed time.  Notice the nifty labelling of “bed” and “boy”, and of course, you can’t miss the tears… sigh.