Regrettably, the biggest part of parenting is just surviving the day… until the next one.  Sadly, back years ago… our fish Louie didn’t survive the day.  Was this due to neglect?  Lack of time?  Oversight?  All of the above? … Maybe.  It’s hard to stay focused on a little fish when their are so many other fires to deal with.  One after the other after the other.  My kids have pushed into the tweens, and its still one last second task to the next last second task to the next…

Survival mode.

We’re working really hard to get past survival mode.  Really hard.  But it almost seems impossible.  A day’s big success is simply being able to sit on the couch for 5 minutes and catch the news.  Sadly, that rarely happens.  Survival mode seems to be the standard.  It’s a sliding scale moving somewhere between simple panic and oh sh*! we forgot to do “X”!!!!  Followed by racing off to the store, or racing to pick up kids from soccer practice, or scrambling to find our phone to order/text/email… ______! (fill in the blank)

So I’m posting this pic in honor of Louie.  And also, in honor of free time – whatever that is.  Louie may not have gotten all the attention and care he deserved… but at least the kids were able to give him a fitting memorial.  And they did finally spell “love” right.


**to note:  Cover art for the book seems to finally have come together. Stay tuned!!!