I was actually planning to stick in a poem about the kids stealing my tools – specifically my tape measure here… BUT… I ran across this picture.  What is it??  Well, its my boys ransoming the sidewalk in front of our house to make money!!  I’d forgotten how they were gonna charge people 25 cents for anyone to be able to use our sidewalk!  Yes, walking in front of our house cost 25 cents “to pass”!!  (and frankly, not a bad use for our “stop! kids playing” sign either!)

Even better, if you notice the sign… it was “for reptiles to live”!!!  That’s right, if you didn’t pay the toll – who knows what would have happened to reptiles.  Luckily, this wasn’t really a threat against all reptilian nature, if you didn’t pay to walk on our sidewalk.  It was actually their attempt to help out those slithery, crawly creatures they love so much (and mom doesn’t!).  They’re planning to open their own reptile house – i don’t know when or where, but I think the veiled threat may have actually bagged them a few quarters towards their plans.

The funny thing is – i didn’t realize what was going on until I saw them accosting innocent passersby… for the toll.   NONE SHALL PASS!!!

So as I Father — was it my job to tell them they couldn’t ransom the sidewalk?? OR was I supposed to applaud their entrepreneurial spirit??  WELL??  I told them if someone wanted to use our sidewalk without paying, they had to let them pass… but of course, they could stay in business.  CUZ let’s face it… they were outside doing something other than fighting!  And that meant Dad could do what he wanted inside.  Yeah!  Go Reptiles!!