And so, we start a new school year!  Typically, I’d be a little sad at this time… but this year, it will be nice to have the kids back in school.  I made the mistake of just letting them hang around the house while I was working, and to be honest – it was kinda painful.

Dad he’s hitting me!  Dad he’s in my room!  Dad he took my phone!  Dad the tv’s not working. Dad he’s still playing Fortnite, even though you told him to stop 2 hours ago!  (I will admit – the boys playing Fortnite afforded me a few peaceful hours on many of these summer days)  I think you get the picture here.

Then, seemingly in honor of the new year, I ended up with plugged up toilets again!  Yup, Dad went into plunging mode twice yesterday!  Right before school, and not long after… hmmm.  Seems as though parents aren’t teaching the kids the importance of “the courtesy flush”.  OR MAYBE THEIR KIDS AREN’T LISTENING!

I think it was just a reminder to me that things are changing fast… but some things aren’t.  Seems as though i’ll be plunging toilets ’till the college years.  Wait!?… is this me drifting into nostalgia for plunging toilets??  … …  Well actually, it does make me a bit sad to see the boys growing up.  They’re definitely not little kids anymore.  They’re pushing into the tweens and I’m already waxing poetic about plunging toilets.  Ugh.

Side note: Revisions, and tweaks delivered on poems this week. We’re ramping into the art & design phase.  I’m kinda stoked, and kinda scared at the same time.  I hope everything turns into something fantastic, rather than some quick 5 second side show.  Yeah.  I’m a bit nervous… although I think there’s definitely potential… confidence isn’t one of my stronger points.

Ah well… I’ll always have toilet plunging.