And, so it happened…

Last night I found myself incredibly excited about Tupperware.  Tupperware that actually sealed nice and tight.  Yes.  I actually turned to my wife, thrilled, and said “look how that sealed – I love this!”  Then, as I was sticking it in the fridge, I realized… I’m getting excited over Tupperware.  OMG.  What happened to me?  I’ve noticed these things happening more and more.  Such as pumping my fist because its NOT my turn to drive in the soccer practice carpool.  Or, how ’bout this one?  Being thrilled because I got my kid a doctor’s appt. at 8am so he only he has to miss the first few minutes of school.  Oh yeah – fist bump!  So tonight… I’m gonna drink more than one beer… and not fall asleep before 10!!  This guy ain’t no softie!

Sadly, this is something that happens over time.  It begins with a year, or three/four/five, of sleep deprivation.  And soon your just happy to string together a coherent sentence.  Then suddenly, you’re just pleased when you’re able to sit down.  Or getting your kid to take a bite of broccoli.  Yes, angling for that promotion at work seems small potatoes compared to your kid finally pooping in the toilet!  And so, here I am, excited about Tupperware.  Dammit… … Tupperware?

Yes, life has changed a lot.  Honestly, I wouldn’t change it for anything.  But it is kinda sad – how having free time to drink your coffee, or even go to the bathroom, is a victory!  I’m 12 years into this ride now, I imagine they’ll be many more of these “little successes” and i’m finally coming around to the fact that – this is my life.  And I’m cool with it.

And it does remind me of that first time, I really realized how much my life had changed.   Yup, I wrote a poem about it.  (seriously though, I wasn’t writing to this segway – it just happened!)  I couldn’t believe how excited I was that my son finally pooped in the toilet.  Honestly, I felt like i just won the Super Bowl.   Yes!!!  We did it!!  And to sign off, here’s my little celebration poem…


 Who could imagine I’d be so proud

Floating, joyous, upon a cloud

A little grunt

A soft kerflop

One small floatie that pleases Pop


In beaming eyes, I see the glow

A toilet triumph, your best-in-show

The drop in the bucket

The beginning of the end

Call out the heralds

Ring all of our friends

No diaper change

No stinky mess

This poop on target

Our greatest success


Potty-trained forevermore!

Until… you lose focus

In Aisle 8 of the hardware store