Nobody Likes Me When I’m Angry!

To be honest, this actually might be therapy for me. Working at home and dealing with the kids has constantly pushed me to my limits.  So its great to just vent fatherly frustrations in a blog (+poetry!)… AND THEN … schoolwork comes home … and I get to enjoy THIS!

I wonder what his teacher thinks…?  It certainly doesn’t paint the picture of a warm, caring home.  Look closely at Dad – angry on Monday.   And angry on Tuesday.  And angry on Wednesday.  And angry on Thursday.  And Angry on Friday!!!  I’m pretty sure this artwork for class is in response to me making him clean his room.  (notice the pointing finger)

But let’s just chalk it all up to “ammunition” for more poetry.  Its close to my “Hate for an Oreo” poem which I think i’ll post next time.  Its amazing sometimes – what they can get angry at, and then how long they can hold that anger.  Truly, I have been told “I hate you” for not letting my child have an Oreo.  And frankly, it kinda hurts.  Especially when the kids hit you with those burning, scornful, hateful eyes.  Seriously!?! its just a cookie!!!

On a more positive note – I’m preparing to go back out to the publishers in the next month.  My collection of poems is almost there.  Let’s see how far all this fatherly angst can go!