Ok, if you look closely…

There’s a laundry hamper in this picture.    Look just past the underwear, and to the right of the dropped shirt, shorts, socks, and towel.  Yup, that’s a laundry hamper…  And yup, that’s sarcasm!  Honestly, I could take this picture pretty much every single day.  Its like this all the time!  And in fact, I took a picture last week – but never had time to post.  Here it is:

In this case, it may be harder to locate the laundry hamper because it us UNDER the clothes – towel, jacket, etc.  Please note: nothing! is going “inside” the laundry hamper, where it belongs!!  Why??  Well… this is yet another mystery to be solved.  Dad has probed this enigma repeatedly.  He’s asked politely, he’s yelled, he’s threatened, he’s offered treats, he’s done everything he can think of – and still – the clothes never make it inside.  And it hasn’t just been weeks, or months, we’re talking YEARS!  If I find a solution, I will promptly post it.  This concludes yet another whining session from the Stark Raving Dad.

(note:  seems like there’s a poem in this.  but i haven’t quite found it yet.)