HUGGIEHEADS UNITE! 75 Poems Delivered!

I love this picture!  My son is so proud with a diaper on his head.  This is from years ago… I looked a lot younger then.  It’s been a crazy, sleepless run.  And now, my poetry book more-or-less documenting all the trials and tribulations is in its final stages!

I delivered the last of 75 poems at the end of July, right before we took off for Alaska.  Now comes the hard part.  Revisions!

Luckily, i’m also near completion of the fun part… which is matching up my kids art from the past 5 years with the poems.  Some of them have made me sad, and some of them have made me even a bit nostalgic (NO, i don’t miss changing diapers!), and then some – have really made me laugh.   Like this rare gem.  My wife and I laughed pretty hard.  I’m considering pairing it with my “Date with Mom” poem, but it just might be too much.  For the record, I believe my son was writing “kite flying”.

Wait!?  What about Alaska you ask?  It was awesome.  We saw grizzlies, moose, bald eagles, caribou, a red fox… AWESOME!  And, we got a great taste of the reason I’m writing this book.  All of us crammed in an RV!  Don’t get me wrong, I loved it – but as we all know kids don’t pick up, and they don’t worry about tracking in mud or dirt, and they drop potato chip crumbs EVERYWHERE.  Yup, including our beds.  But I guess sleeping amid all those crumbs kept it exciting – especially with all those grizzlies around.

Stay tuned for more art and updates!