I was almost run over by a 3-year old on a scooter today… the dad rushing behind him on the sidewalk mumbled a quick apology as he raced by.   And I had to smile…

Not just a little smile.  A big, deep, fulfilling smile.  Finally!

For once, it wasn’t me.

Should I have felt more empathetic?  After all, I’ve lived with this for years…   Nope!  This was pure “misery loves company”.  When you’re in the thick of it – you feel like your the only one.  Chasing after your kid, tossing apologies left and right, as people scramble to dodge your wild, cantankerous, out-of-control kid!  And you feel guilty.  You feel like a bad dad.  Especially with those people who give you the stink eye.  Usually the ones wearing white pants or shoes.  The white pants or shoes that should have stains if they were worn by a normal person.  But no… they’ve got white paints and perfectly coiffed hair that should never be marred by some rogue kid on a tricycle!

But I digress… as this dad huffed by… I gave him a knowing, SMILING nod and said “no worries” and even chuckled, because I could rejoice in the fact…

I’m not the only one.