If you were to ask me – what’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done? before I had kids. I would have said – moving to NY, or surviving an all-night work deadline, or putting on snow chains in the slush at 10 degrees. But then… (dramatic pause)… I had kids. And without a doubt, the hardest thing I’ve ever done – is survive them. As evidenced by this pencil driven through my oldest’s son’s breakfast bagels… the challenges never-ever-never-ever cease.

Its not just the exhaustion and lack of sleep. (Of course, years and years of sleepless nights add to it) It’s the constant mental dueling. And it never ends!! From getting them to pick up socks out of the bathroom and the living room and off the couch and out of the front yard, to getting them to get ready, to realizing they’re never gonna remember their jacket(or their soccer ball, or their cleats), then comes the ultimate battle — homework.

Yup, once you’ve cleared the hurdle of getting your kids to sleep on a regular basis… school looms. My oldest couldn’t/wouldn’t (i’m still not sure which) get his homework done. So he had to tackle it in the morning. Therefore we started the day not only with the challenge of getting ready, but getting homework done too. Did it go well… no! So here I am taking a picture of a pencil driven through two bagels. I’m not sure if its a marker, or a warning, or just a monument. It does kinda remind me of the King Arthur’s Sword in the Stone… Why was this left for me? I’m not gonna ask. I’m gonna ignore it. That’s Dad’s best, secret weapon. Ignore and conquer!

I’d probably ponder its existence a little more, but i’m too brain-battered – and I’ve got too much work to do.