Ok, some of you may know I’ve got a poem about replacing my kid’s dead fish with another… covertly.  But what you may not know, is how hard it was.  I really didn’t want to tell any “false truths” to my boys – but this one was just too much after the cat had been run over, and 2 fish died before that – then my son exclaimed in tears “why does my fish ALWAYS DIE!!??”  So I snuck off while he was at school and replaced the fish.

Now, though… we’re going through art for the book.  And its becoming pretty apparent how much that fish was loved.

As you you can see there’s a bit of effort made drawing pictures of the beloved “Mr. Bubbles” – also known as “Tiny” and “Little”.  And these are just the beginning… we found several, whole notebooks of sketches dedicated to the fish.

Do I feel guilty??  Nope.  Actually, I think I saved everybody a lot of pain.  ‘Cuz that fish was a major, family celebrity!  Who knows  how we would have dealt with the loss.  Flushing him down the toilet may not have been the best.  But I’m sure, given time, all will be forgiven…

I hope.