So tonight, I realized I don’t have to drive the kids to soccer practice.  Say WHUUUT?!!?  That’s right!!  I’ve already paid my dues driving earlier in the week, and tonight it just so happens – I DON’T HAVE TO DRIVE!  I feel like a won the lotto!  I’m elated.  Dancing on clouds.  THRILLED!!!

… But… how and when did my world turn so bland and boring, that dodging driving my kids to practice became the highlight of my day??  Now suddenly everything’s looking a little grayer… my elation dwindling… Really?  Has it really come to this?  The best part of my past 24 hours is being able to sit on my couch and watch the news while someone else drives my kids to soccer practice???

… and the answer is — YUP.  That’s me.

I guess when people say “its the little things in life” – they’re really talking about parents.  Because just being able to sit on the couch has become one of my great joys.

Ahhhhhhhhh…. my couch… I missed you.