Well, I put it off as long as possible… but the Xmas lights had to come down.  Sadly, every year it’s the same thing.  Taking forever to put them up, but then, when it comes time to take them down – there’s only a few hours – so they’re quickly, unceremoniously crammed into boxes and jammed in the attic!  And all those plans of finally organizing that mess, go out the window.  I think with kids, there’s really not that time to “take time”… things have to be done,  we have soccer games to get to, birthday parties, piano/guitar lessons, and let’s not forget the mess!!

I guess that’s probably the biggest realization of parenting.  You’re not just responsible for yourself anymore, and you’re not just watching out for someone.  With your kids, you’re in charge of every aspect of their lives – from brushing teeth, to putting on socks, to cleaning rooms, to overstuffed backpacks, to what they’re wearing etc.  Yeah, I’m sure you get the picture.  You’re basically living another life.  (or if you have 2 kids, 3 lives!)  Frankly, if you have more than 2 kids, I don’t know how you do it!!  I honestly don’t.  My life was complicated and busy enough before we added kids – so now, everyday is a constant fight for survival.

This world of survival only slightly slows down over the holidays – while you sit in your PJ’s and deal with tech issues for all the Xmas gifts.  But really, that responsibility is still there.  Everyone still has to eat.  The laundry doesn’t stop.  And unfortunately, the house doesn’t clean itself.  But once the New Year starts back up – it’s off to the races!  And you’ve forgotten how crazy it was.  Basically, all that responsibility kicks back in hardcore… such as scheduling all the sports practices again, which of course, have all changed times.  So now you’ve gotta figure out new car pools and then you’re also facing new sports.  Basketball anyone??

I guess where I’m going with this is… as I’m sitting up there in a tree, untangling Xmas lights from the branches – it kinda bummed me out.  Over the holidays, I wish I had spent more time just hanging with my kids – not trying to control the mess, and chaos.  But now it was too late, and here I was, once again, quickly jamming Xmas decorations into box between soccer games.

Ultimately, I think my point is… life doesn’t slow down.  Even over the holidays.  So you actually have to go out of your way to make time for family.  Anyway, I think that’s my point.  Otherwise, you’re standing alone in your front yard cramming Xmas decorations in boxes(getting angry because they don’t all fit!)  and suddenly, realizing the holidays are completely, 100%, all over! and mumbling to yourself  “what happened??”

Next year, I’ll do better!