I love starting the New Year with a little motivation from my young ones!   While my wife and I were trying to clean up our outrageously cluttered office (and we’re still not done!)… we found this poem!!  Written by one of my boys… (perhaps a future poet laureate??)

Its actually a riff on my “Ode to the Plungerman” which I’m still not sure i’ve been able to nail.  But you gotta appreciate the use of the stuck “dickcup” setting the disgruntled tone, and the fact that my son is giving me support for my “pooums”.  I’m not sure about the “pot” – probably the potty?…after all, we are talking a toilet plungering poem.

Honestly, while this really made me laugh, it also made me feel really good.  These little fellows who inspired all the pain and angst for these poems, are also everything that matters.  And their support means a lot.  Sigh.  A good way to start the year too!  As I aim to get my poetry book published before 2019.  Here’s to a hopeful year of possibilities!!