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So, it seems that people might actually like some of my poems!!  Yeah for an angsty dad!  I may have an agent – and then (once everything’s in order) – it will be off to publishers!  Fingers crossed as I survey my trashed homestead with a rare moment of contentment…

Sadly, NOW … comes the hard part.  Kinda like tucking a kid into bed.  (see that segway?)  You just want to finally, thankfully, hopefully sit down… and maybe… do nothing.  But then – there those little buggers are – asking for a drink of water.  Or a light on.  Or a different blanket.  Or another story.  Or complaining of… (insert anything in the world here).

Depending on how your feeling that day.  You may feel like throttling them, but you know just getting up off the couch is gonna take a lot of effort.  I’ve noticed my kids stand far enough away that I can’t really throw anything at them effectively.  Then, at this point, my wife and I look at each other and it becomes a game of chicken.  Who’s gonna get up an handle this?  Who dealt with the last meltdown?  Who helped the kid with homework?  Who cleaned up the dishes?  Who dealt with latest snotty nose?  And… then… slowly… I get up… as Mom gives me the “about time you pulled your weight” look.  Once you’re actually standing its a lot easier to deal with it.  Cuz then you’re resigned to typical Daddy duty again.

I should note:  This poem was actually written back before we had the energy to watch TV.   This was back when – as soon as the kids went to sleep – Mom and Dad collapsed into bed, savoring the sweet succor of silence and praying for at least a few hours of it.  And back then, getting up was WAAAAY HARDER!  Geez, I’m hoping finding a publisher is a little easier than that…



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